Types of Chimneys


When you are planning to build a house you have to consider a fireplace or chimney for your home. Especially in the season when the fireplace is essential, the importance of chimney is understood. It helps to make your indoor environment free of gases and makes the environment comfortable and cosy for the residents. It reduces the risk of hazards and wastage of energy. Talking beside the home, chimneys are integral for factories industries where they function to remove the harmful, poisonous gases from the inside of the factory. To get it inspected and clean, you can contact chimney sweep Seattle.

Masonry chimneys:

It is one of the most commonly used and built chimneys in houses that does not only work well but is also economical.  It is made up of bricks and concrete blocks. Stones are also used in its construction. It goes back in time but still is a popular type of chimney. These are referred to as typical type of chimneys

Factory-built chimneys

This is becoming a popular type of chimney that is among the favourites of builders and remodelers. It is made up of material like metal etc. these are usually constructed in factories where the importance of chimneys is far more. These are also named as prefabricated fireplaces that re-modernized and can be used in homes.

Factory-built chimneys are of different types some of the most commonly built are:

Air cooled chimneys:

Such types of chimneys are constructed in minimum two layers of metals. It may have more layers in it. There is air present in between the metal layer to keep it cool and to prevent the excessive heat development in the chimney. The air circulation is responsible for dissipating the heat inside the chimney.

Double wall chimneys:

As the name indicates it is made up of two layers or has two walls. These walls are made up of metals. Most commonly its walls are made up of stainless steel and a layer made up of same or different metal. There is a layer of insulation material in between built is a design of having a pipe in another pipe. This works well as insulation.

Mass insulated chimneys:

It is made up of two or more layers of metals. This is much similar to the double wall chimneys, but it can have more than two layer picturing pipe in a pipe present in a pipe. The function is to provide insulation but the presence of insulating material in between the layers.

Air insulated chimneys:

The construction of this type of chimney is same as that of air cooled chimney with more than two layers of metal of different material. However, the function of air in between the layers is to act as an insulator, and it does not function as a heat dissipater.

Combined designed chimneys:

This is a modern form of the chimney that is made up of the combinations of different types of the chimneys mentioned above.

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