Specifications of commercial use bread machines


Bread industry is one of the largest industries in the world. Almost in every corner of the world, the bread is made and more community to have bread in their breakfast. Commercially many types of bread machines are available. They differ in their bread making capacity per hour as well as the type of crust they can form. Previously the dough was prepared manually and then baked in gas or coal heated ovens, but in the modern era, automatic commercial Best bread machines are available that can do mixing, kneading, knocking and baking by itself. Machines for commercial use are as following.

Commercial french toast making the machine

The machine contains various parts for bread processing. That includes

  • Cutter
  • Horizontal bowl for filling the machine
  • Processing machine

It is newly patent designed form that can produce 100 pieces per minute.  It is multi-purpose use for making bread, sticky products, and thin slice juicy products.

The product is available in variable shapes that are round, strip, ellipse, and square. The product weight is 30 to 100g and machine operates at 5.5kw and weighs 900 Kg.

Commercial based bread machine

It is high-speed commercial bread machine having the weight of 900 Kg with the capacity of making 6000pcs per hour. It has a changeable hopper to change the filling. The machine has buzzer option too that can tell about any emergency situation also when the bread is ready. It is also a multi-functional machine that can make both filled and plain bread. It has a structure that gives a glossy appearance to the food as well as give the good taste without destroying the original shape of the dough. It has the ability to make toast, jam roll, hot dogs buns, beans paste and sandwich bread.

Industrial bread making machine

It is the specially designed oven that can work with both electricity and gas. It has control panel through which temperature and humidity level is set according to the requirement. As it has deck system, so the heat controlling system is separate from each portion. Heat wires are specially equipped to provide the uniform heat supply to all the chambers.

It also has an alert alarming system in an emergency situation. The glass door is present to see the inside view.

Industrial bread toaster machine

It is the baking food machine available in size of 190*180*230cm. The diesel oil is used to operate the machine. 32 trays are present and the machine can control the temperature from room to 300-degree centigrade.it can bake bread, chappati, swiss rolls, jam rolls, and buns.

Long loaf bread making machine

The machine is suitable for making dough for long bread like French bread, burger bun, and baguette. The dough weight that is handled in the machine is 50 to 1250 g. it is made of high quality stainless steel and used in bakeries and commercial food industries.

Different companies are present all over the world which are manufacturing these machines for the commercial use and these all are specially equipped to make the fresh, soft, tasty and high quality baked items.

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