The chimney is a structure that is usually ventricle that provides ventilation for smoke and hot flue gases.  There are many types, and you can have different types of chimneys fixed in your home. Any chimney requires proper cleansing for its proper function, and it has to be done on a regular basis. It’s cleaning and maintenance on a regular basis will not only help it to function longer, saves a great amount of money and also prevent fires which occur due to the accumulation of ash. If your stove is dirty, it will make your room messy whereas if you clean it off and on it will work more effectively. There are various methods by which a chimney can be cleaned like


With the help of chimney sweep Seattle, you can earn the opportunity to get your chimney cleaning whenever you want by spending money. The tools require for cleaning it by chimney sweep Seattle are

  •    Chimney brush with rods
  • Chimney sweep rods
  • Chimney vacuums
  •    Face shield
  •    Dust mask
  •    Drop cloth
  •    Flashlight
  •    Drop cloth to protect floor
  •    Brushes
  •    Ash shovels
  •    Fireplace ash vacuums
  •    Screwdriver
  •    Wire brush
  •    Ladder
  •    Duct tape


  •    Before starting the process, it has to be ensured that chimney is cool and no fire is burning on the grate.
  •    Place a cloth or sheet around the stove
  • Keep your room ventilated.
  •    To prevent any injury, wear dust mask on your face and also wear goggles.
    • The first step is to remove the metal plate out of the metal frame with the help of a screwdriver.
    • Place the plate and the screw safely aside.
  • Use the flashlight to visualise the inside of the pipe and remove any obstruction with the help of rod.
  •    Using the ladder, remove the stove pipe and cover its one end with duct tape. Also using duct tape to cover the fireplace.
  •    The next step is cleaning. With the help of the brush with extending rods, rub the sides of the pipe in a vigorous manner to remove the grime in the pipe. Repeat it again and again until the inside of the pipe is clean.
  •   After cleaning with a wire brush remove and scraping it all off vacuum all the debris.
  • Fix any cracks or chips in the metal pipe and place it back to its place and reconnect it by using the screwdriver.

There are many Chimney sweep Seattle and masonry repair services available in Seattle. They can also provide a thorough chimney repair and inspection as well upon your call if you are a resident of Seattle. They will inspect your fireplace in a proper way and also get it fixed at a reasonable cost. You can also search for the best chimney sweep Seattle and hire them for several chimney services via the internet.


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